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The legend and legacy of Molly Brook genetics began with Molly Brook Fascinator Flower who is the matriarch of the most influential cow family on the farm.  Flower has put her stamp on her offspring and is one of the breed's most recognized females.   There are now Ten generations of progeny that trace back to her with 135 Excellent females and 516 Very Good females.  Her presence has been so far reaching that her lineage can be found on every continent except Antarctica. 

Flower's beautiful uddered family is also known for her sons, with 123 bulls from the maternal line going into A.I. sampling.  Among this elite group is the great 29JE2865 Molly Brook Brass Major, with 11,304 daughters in 2,668 herds and his full brother 9JE68 Molly Brook Brass Top, with 4,760 daughters in 1,420 herds.  Flower's grandson 7JE424 Molly Brook Glnwood Freedom-ET, with 7,979 daughters in 1,259 herds and her great grandson 122JE5127 Molly Brook Berretta Fanclub-ET, with 5,167 daughters in 691 herds.  Currently at Genex is 1JE849 Molly Brook Visionary Upbeat, a descendent of Flower.

The Jersey breed is fortunate that Walt and Sally Goodrich recognized Flower's potential as she was headed to the Vermont Jersey Breeders sale when Sally saw something in Flower that kept her on the farm.  Walt and Sally working with their vet, Cal Blessing, took an innovative approach to developing and marketing the genetics on the farm bringing world wide recognition to the farm. 
Flower's descendants are in the herd today
Molly Brook Fascinator Flower
A Family Farm Since 1835
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